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Who Stillness

Everything Who and inbetween

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Doctor Whoverse Icon Challenge Community
Who Stillness

Welcome to whostillness your icon challenge for everything related in the Doctor Who and spin-offs world: characters, scenes, actors, episodes, you name it - we'll probably have a challenge on it. So c'mon and join!

Founder: captbrilliant
Mods: captbrilliant
Banner Makers: captbrilliant, irener

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There will be a new challenge each week and all rules will be within the post. Please be sure to carefully read what's allowed and what's not - it shouldn't be terribly hard! Remember: it's a stillness community so no animation is allowed.

A new week starts on Wednesday and voting for the previous week will be Thursday.

Voting is weighed on a scale of 1 to 3, three being your number one choice for first place. Mod's choices are always determined by the mods themselves. There also may be a few extra surprise placing in the ballots.

All comments will be screened. When you post your entry in the challenge post please format it with the image and linked URL


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